Planned Parenthood Under Attack

4 February 2011

Planned Parenthood provides 10 HIV testing locations across Vermont, more than any other organization. It appears that a rightwing smear campaign is underway to take down Planned Parenthood, similar to the way it took down Shirley Sherrod, Van Jones and ACORN.

Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest provider of health care to low-income women.

Last month, Planned Parenthood contacted Attorney General Eric Holder to report an apparent “illegal undercover video operation” targeting 12 locations across the United States.

This past Tuesday, a video was released using undercover footage from a New Jersey Planned Parenthood office accusing them of assisting a coverup of an underage prostitute sex trafficking ring. The video was made by Lily Rose, who worked in the past with convicted criminal James O’Keefe, who was behind the video that eventually led to ACORN’s collapse.

If Planned Parenthood were to collapse, it would have an effect on womens’ reproductive health services and hiv testing in Vermont.